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About Us


Hello, my name is Domenique Simpson and I'm the owner and founder of Simpson Aquatics.  We are an exciting and growing team of experienced professionals with a love of swimming and teaching.  Personally, I found this passion when I was in elementary school and it's never abated. 

I started my journey lifeguarding, which helped me to appreciate the life saving skills that are so important in learning to be safe in water.  From there I found I had a knack for teaching others what I learned and making it fun and interesting! 


I've been teaching swim instruction to both children and adults for more than 9 years. I've taught children as young as 2 years old, as well as children with special needs. I'm passionate about swimming and love teaching others to be strong swimmers, not just for fun, but also to promote a healthy lifestyle. I'm very sensitive to beginners and understand their trepidation when getting started, but I'm patient and supportive and will work to get all of my clients to a comfortable place where they will thrive. 


I hope you will allow Simpson Aquatics to introduce you to all of the benefits of learning to swim, or strengthen your existing skills. We're here when you're ready!

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