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"Embark on a journey of water confidence with our skilled instructors! No matter your age or experience, our lessons are meticulously crafted to enhance your technique, build stamina, and instill a profound sense of ease in aquatic environments. Our team brings not only expertise but also a warm and encouraging approach. Whether you're stepping into the water for the first time or seeking to refine your skills, our lessons are tailored to your needs. Join us and unlock the joy of swimming with newfound confidence. Take the plunge – book your aquatic lessons today!"

What our customers are saying about Simpson Aquatics


"We couldn’t be happier with Coach Dominique and Simpson Aquatics. We have two boys who took each class with Coach D for two summers with pleasure. Both learned to swim the first summer and are now even stronger swimmers. The Coach is patient, skilled, stretches the kids just enough and is highly ethical. We couldn’t recommend him enough and are thankful to see their love of swimming."

Our Team

Dedication. Professionalism. Expertise. Passion. 

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Now Offering Year Round

Mobile Private Swim Lessons

Swim in the comfort of you own residence with our In - Home swim lessons. Select your day and time and we will come to you! Saving you time and money. 

Why Simpson Aquatics
is the best choice for your Aquatic Needs
Comprehensive Skill Development
Qualified Instructor
Individualized Approach
Safety & Peace of Mind

Our Instructors posses a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Our Instructors are trained to handle various learning styles and adapts teaching methods to suit each individual's needs.

Private swim lessons offer personalized attention and a tailored curriculum that can address your specific challenges and help you achieve your desired objectives at an optimal pace.

From fundamental techniques to advanced strokes, our instructors will guide you through a progressive learning process, focusing on building a strong foundation and improving your overall swimming abilities.

Simpson Aquatic is licensed and fully insured, ensuring that your lessons are conducted in a safe and secure environment.

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